Application Development

Custom database applications built for your unique situation.

Custom processes are the heart of any business. Our custom online database applications can give you the competitive advantage your need to success.

Why & How

We build online applications to help our customers be more effective and productive.

The applications we architect use proven technologies that are the best fit for the project requirements. We avoid using the latest new development technology as an opportunity to play with the latest toys. 

Our Skillset

We only use proven technologies that lets us built staple, easy to use, high performance applications that our customers will love.


HTML or Hypertext Markup Language is the basic building block of the web.  

Every page on every website on earth is formatted using this layout language.


CSS or Cascading Style Sheets makes it all look good. Before CSS the web was boring.  This design styling technology bring your pages to life with fonts, colors, and even animations.


Javascript bring interactivity to the web. Buttons, drag & drop, and nearly all sophicated user interfaces use Javascript to make it all work.  Online database applications would simply not be possible without this powerful, yet elegant technoloy.


Bootstrap enables us to develop your application faster so you can get to market sooner.

Using this CSS framework also allows up to more easily update your application as new features are implemented.


PHP powers 85% of the websites on the internet. PHP is the most reliable, most used, and most trusted web development platform available.  

Most of the applications we build take advantage of the power, flexibility and speed of PHP to deliver real customer value.


MySQL Database Server is the most popular database in the world. Used by almost every major website, MySQL has the speed and flexibility to power any type of application imaginable.


Node.JS is the latest technology we have adopted at Genesis.  Although relatively new, Node is based on the Google Chrome V8 engine and has been tested in the most demanding corporate environments.  It’s proven track record of performance and reliability makes it the perfect platform on which to build high performance, scalable applications.


WordPress is a content management platform build using PHP & MySQL. Today, WordPress is used as the website development platform for most major corporations and news agencies.

With nearly 30% of all websites running on WordPress, it is the platform of choice when starting any new customer website.


Square is changed the game for credit card processing. They removed the need to endure lengthly approval processes from the major credit card companies and banks and put the power back in the customers hands. 


Stripe was one of the first online credit card processing technologies to bypass the bank approval process and make it easy for small businesses to to accept online payments.

Today Stripe makes it easy to accept payments worldwide and nearly any currency.

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