Agile Software Development – part 1

February 13, 2018

Jude Harding
Jude Harding

Familiar with the term?  If you are in the tech industry, you should be.

Back in the “old days”, your company decided it needed a custom piece of software.  You hired a company, worked out the specs, the developers built software based on the specs and in a few months or years, delivered your software.  That’s great but you don’t know what you DON’T know.  If you needed to make modifications to that software, it was harder and usually more expensive.

Agile development is a different approach to software development.  Requirements and solutions come from collaborative teams and end users.  Developers work for a while towards a small goal (sprint), then it is reviewed to determine what needs to be added, changed or deleted.  Plans are revisited by all parties, another small goal is determined and the developers go back to work again.  The cycle continues until the project is completed.

A book, The Agile Manifesto, came out in the 90’s.  It describes a set of methods and practices for software development.  To learn more, check out this website.

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