No Time

February 6, 2018

Jude Harding
Jude Harding

Imagine that a Fortune 500 Company.  A department within that company needs a web application.  Of course, they could get their internal IT department to do it — but the need the site done BEFORE THE END OF THE MONTH!

Their IT department is already backed up and can’t even look at it before the end of the month, let alone complete it.

That’s when they came to us.  We had a mock-up done before the end of the week.  They approved the mock-up and we had the entire application completed within 10 days — and under budget.

To make this happen, we utilized Agile methods and Asana scheduling, as well as Javascript, HTML and Bootstrap.  The site is designed so that their internal IT department can maintain it.  Thank you Toshiba for giving us the opportunity to help you.

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