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Social Media Marketing

Using the reach of social media to find new audiences

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is the practice of using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and others to reach potential audiences. When people and companies connect using social media, an instant one to one relationship is established giving the potential customer sense of ease and comfort not available with a cold sales outreach. 

Why Social Media Marketing Is Important

1) Social Media Is No Longer a Fad.

The early predictions of social media sites becoming a fad that would soon fade away could not have been more wrong. Today, sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube deliver more traffic to websites that ever before.

2) Connect with customers where they hang out.

YouTube is the number two search engine, just behind Google itself. Millions of people search YouTube everyday for how to instructions and quick access to thought leaders. Facebook groups to connect people with a community of others interested in the same topics and ideas. 

Most breaking news stories appear on Twitter before ever showing up in mainstream news media.  Instagram and Pinterest provide visual inspiration to those seeking creative ideas from experts.

3) Directly connect with the consumer.

A cold direct email seems like spam, regardless of its relevance.  Connecting by social media creates a relationship that feels natural and personal.

How To Avoid PR Nightmares Using Social

Many people today use social media sites to leave reviews, both good and bad for the products and service they use.

Being active on social platforms allows your customers to stay connected and provide feedback regarding their experiences before they decide to unleash a tirade to their connected followers.

When negative reviews and comments do get posted, being proactive gives you the opportunity to react and respond quickly and openly.  This immediate response shows other potential customers that you value their feedback and are sincere about resolving any unforeseen circumstance before they spiral into a public relations nightmare.

Do You Need Social Media Marketing

In most cases your company can benefit from a social media presence, however in rare cases, some companies don’t need to address their audience using social platforms.  Answer a few questions to determine whether or not you need to reach your customers directly using social media.

Are Your Customers On Social Media?

Do the potential customers in your industry use social media to connect with others in the industry to discuss products, services or vendors.  Are their Facebook groups or industry forums connecting customers and providing support and feedback avenues?

Are Your Competitors Using Social Media?

Are your competitors using social media sites to provide product support, soliciting reviews or running ads?

Are People Searching For You On Social Media Sites?

Do people use YouTube to find more information regarding the use of your product? Are they looking for reviews on your products or services?

Are People Talking About You On Social Media?

Are people already discussing your product or services without contacting you for answers to their questions?

What do you think?

If any of these questions sound like the behavior of your customers, you may want to consider adding social media to your marketing efforts to reach and connect with your current and potential customers.